Brad Hennigan
Narrative Engineer

Serious Games
As a narrative engineer and writer for serious games and digital content, I have studied and designed systems for planning and writing the branching narrative and dialogue inherent to interactive storytelling.  In addition, my background as a writer/actor/director for theater and film lends itself to the production requirements of such projects, including casting and directing voice and video actors, non-linear editing of video and audio, and understanding budgetary constraints.

My work in this area includes exploring and designing tools to make writing for video games more writer and SME friendly, exploring and designing more efficient narrative and dialogue systems, and studying the feasibility and practicality of incorporating Natural Language Processing into video games.  My research culminated in my 2012 Masters Thesis:

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Narrative designs include:  

GLIMPSE, a trans-media serious game in collaboration with Baylor Health Systems

1st Place, Serious Games Competition, 14th Annual International Meeting on
Simulation in Healthcare, 2013

FPCT, or First Person Cultural Trainer, Versions 3, 4, and 5; a training simulation in collaboration with the US Army TRADOC G2 Intelligence Support Acivity (TRISA)

Best Game Award in the Government category, Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, 2011

First Place, Innovations in DoD Gaming Competition, GameTech Users Conference, 2011

The Cross-function Award, National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), 2010 

        Nursing AP, a trans-media online education project for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, in collaboration with University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing.

Best Demonstration Project, Innovations in Health Science Education, 2012

For a comprehensive overview of the digital content created for this project,  click the Nursing AP link above, then choose "Take a Tour with Professor Leflore"


"Making the Case for NLP in Dialogue Systems for Serious Games."
8th International Conference on Natural Language Processing, 1st Workshop on Games and NLP. Kanazawa, Japan.  2012.

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"Toward a Methodology for Writing Dynamically Immersive Branching Dialogue in Digital Games and Simulations." RAW 2012 Graduate Symposium. University of Texas at Dallas.

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